December 11, 2014

Healthy Hot Cocoa Recipe

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I love Christmas lights! And for my family, there is nothing better than loading up in the car with a blanket and some hot cocoa to drive around and enjoy all of the beautiful lights and decorations this time of year. Sometimes, we even wear our comfy, cozy pajamas and that puts the whole thing over-the-top! Whether you are on a Christmas light tour or you are cuddled up next to the fireplace at home, hot cocoa is a must-have for the cold winter months. But have you read the ingredient list on the typical hot chocolate packet from the storeā€¦ SUGAR, CORN SYRUP SOLIDS, VEGETABLE OIL (PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED COCONUT OR PALM KERNEL AND HYDROGENATED SOYBEAN), DAIRY PRODUCT SOLIDS, COCOA PROCESSED WITH ALKALI, AND LESS…

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