A Healthy Focus

Until this morning, I haven’t stepped on the scale but once since I started my nutrition and health coaching program in late January. This was not a conscious decision. I guess that with my main priority being my health and the health of my family, my focus wasn’t the number on the scale. This really is a first for me. It had ALWAYS been about the number on the scale, and answering the magic question, “Did it go up or down this week?”

In fact, one of the main things that led me down the path to health coaching was my realization that dieting and pill popping weren’t actually contributing to my overall health, they were taking away from it. At the age of 31, I finally realized that this body that God has given me was meant to be stewarded. And for me, this meant that I needed to start really watching what I was doing to it.

My quest to discover how I could be the best steward of my body and my health lead me to this current nutrition and health coaching program. I cannot begin to list all of the amazing things that I have learned in one blog post, but I can tell you the affects of the program and my “coaching” on the people closest to me. My husband lost all excess weight and he was able to identify and remove the food that had been causing regular headaches for quite some time. My five year old has always been a healthy boy, but he continues to amaze me with his willingness to eat what is good for him and not complain (too much) when I say “no” to things that aren’t so good, because he understands why. A friend, who was beginning to have major issues with arthritis, was able to decrease pain and increase mobility, without medication, by discovering the root cause of the inflammation. We also have a number of friends, family members, and co-workers that have changed their eating habits, just because they have seen and heard about the negative and positive effects that food really does have on our health.

Anyway, back to the reason that I started this post in the first place… I got on the scale this morning and I saw a number that I haven’t seen in a really long time! As exciting as this is to me, I am returning my scale to the back of the closet. “Why?”, you ask? Because I don’t want that number to be my focus. Focusing on that number and bowing at the alter of “the great calorie” doesn’t lead to improved health.

A healthy weight goal may be reached in an unhealthy fashion. Eating to a target calorie may get you to that goal, but you may have deprived your body of vital nutrients in the process. Our body needs absolutely all of the nutrients it can get. Those nutrients are what produce energy, fight off sickness and disease, and help our body accomplish everything that God created it to. Eating toward a target calorie is also a temporary solution, as we often find ourselves failing to maintain the diet once the target weight has been reached. Instead, if we focus on eating right as a lifestyle choice, not a temporary diet, it results in a healthy body AND a healthy weight.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, it was personal proof that if we make our health a top priority and educate ourselves on the best way to do that, everything else will fall into place!!!

In love and health,

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